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Cannes Film Festival

When in Cannes...

This may or may not be my manifestation of a Cannes Film Festival invitation..... it could happen.. right?! :)

The looks are usually during this star studded week are usually dominated by women, and rightfully so, but I just know I would bring it home for the men. This metallic style is slightly inspired by Timothee Chalamet's 2021 look who was arguably the best dressed this year along with fashion guru, Leonie Hanne and resident supermodel, Bella Hadid.

The tweed jacket gives of vintage Chanel vibes so naturally, it would be paired with a white button up and brooch. Which is all very on-brand with my new age Gossip Girl aesthetic. The multicolor necklace keeps things fun in thing teeteringly monochromatic outfit. I'm usually not a fan of wedge anything, ESPECIALLY sneakers, but these would go well with the rest of the outfit. Last but not least, an outfit is not complete without at least one high-end piece. The crystal Yves Saint Laurent bag just really ties this entire look together.

It's all very European!

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