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Espanola Way

I continued my birthday weekend in South Beach by taking a lunch trip to Espanola Way. The scenery is what makes the picture for sure, we loveeeee.

Starting from top to bottom, the hat is by Rose Apothecary and I bought it from Shein. I really loved it because it matches my shoes so well! I usually am not one to follow the trends buy this lettuce trim tank top is to DIE for (also from Shein)! You can barely tell in the picture but I am wearing the gold arm band from my Gianni Mansion outfit because it went with the body chain so well! Honestly, these are the only pair of jeans I wear anymore , they're by Indigo Rein and I got them from Ross in-store so I doubt I will be able to find a link. The bag is by Steve Madden and the shoes are no-name from Aliexpress and I LOVE them!

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