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Gianni Versace's Mansion

Though the attire at isn't necessarily formal, it's only right to dress the part when eating here! Not only was it my birthday weekend, but also my first time eating at the restaurant.

For this look I went for a basic white tee from a 3 pack at Walmart (very appropriate, I know). Along with a pair of high rise, skinny ankle eggshell-colored jeans by S.O.N.G Perfect from Ross which are super comfy & durable. The leather jacket is thrifted and was designed by Lafayette 148 and was only $10! Okay so I've always loved the look heeled boots but have never been brave enough to buy them, let alone wear in public but they definitely pulled this outfit together! I got them from Shein along with the jeweled belt, the cow print shoulder bag, brown leather beret and sunglasses.

I got so many compliments on this oufit, and I feel it was very appropriate for the day!

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